Traffic Safety Committee

What We Do

The Ohlone Traffic Safety Committee:

  • Collects and disseminates information about traffic issues on and near the school,
  • Supports alternative transportation modes like carpooling and bicycling, and
  • Advocates for safety improvements.

The committee, which is part of the PTA, works with the principal and the Site Council on student arrival and departure guidelines. It hosts two annual events promoting alternative commute modes to and from school, and occasional parent education events such as bicycle safety classes. It runs a carpool matching program and generally seeks opportunities to support the community in working together to reduce automobile traffic to school. It also represents the school on the PTA Council Traffic Safety Committee, a district-wide committee, which maintains a helpful Safe Routes to School website.

The PTA Council Traffic Safety Committee, in turn, has representation on the Palo Alto City/School Traffic Safety Committee (CSTSC), an official seven-member advisory committee to both the city and the school district. The Ohlone traffic safety committee collects community traffic concerns and represents them to the CSTSC or other appropriate officials for attention.

Walk and Roll Map

Reducing traffic congestion near the school is a high priority for the Traffic Safety Committee.  A grant has been awarded to the Safe Routes to School organization which develops “Walk and Roll” maps for each school site in Palo Alto. Ohlone’s map shows students and parents of the best approaches to the school by foot/scooter/bicycle.

Safe Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures

Please do read and share the important information about safe drop-off and pick-up procedures. Leaving a few extra minutes at drop-off and pick-up time and maintaining a mindset of patience will provide a safer experience for everyone.

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