Social-Emotional learning

The Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) parent group at Ohlone works with teachers, students, and staff to raise awareness of various aspects of social and emotional learning.

During Shelter-in-Place, social-emotional skills are needed more than ever.

Ohlone has long fostered social emotional learning – it’s in the fabric of each classroom, as described in this article by former principal Bill Overton. There are specific SEL skills that children are encouraged to foster by the time they graduate (sometimes using this rubric), and these are reflected in the Core Values as well as the Ohlone goals.

The Ohlone SEL representatives meet monthly during the regular school year with representatives from other PAUSD schools to discuss SEL strategies happening across the district. Parents are encouraged to participate and learn more!

Here are a few initiatives related to SEL that are happening at Ohlone:

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