Green Team

The Ohlone Green Team is a group of parents, teachers, staff, and students who work toward helping our community minimize waste and conserve energy and resources. Previous teams have made great strides in bringing Ohlone into the fold of sustainability, while the current team has been in place for only two years and already we have effected changes in Ohlone’s practices.

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Coming soon: Ewaste event on May 15th 9am-3pm in the front parking lot. Please see Event List Form2021 (1) for what you can and cannot bring (we will be fined for items brought that they cannot take). Please wear masks and maintain social distancing.

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Want to help make a difference for our children’s future? Join the Green team.  We are meeting on the last Friday of each month at 2:30. Email rani to join.

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At Ohlone, we take the Pledge to the Earth:

I pledge allegiance to the Earth, and to the flora, fauna, and human life it supports. One planet, indivisible, with safe air, water, and soil, economic justice, equal rights, and peace for all. 

Here are some useful resources:

In 2013-2021, we

  • Wrote about Green Team in the Ohlone Times newsletter
  • Included all grades plus Ohlone Green Guides (5th graders) in the green team.
  • Celebrated Earth Hour with various times of using no power in the classroom.
  • Monitored lunches with checklists and emails to teachers.
  • Began collecting liquid bins – collecting liquids to keep them from contaminating recycling bins in 2/3 and 4/5
  • Gave a presentation to the Superintendent and staff on reducing waste.
  • Each year we sent 108 cubic yards of compost, 210 cubic yards of recycling, and 144 cubic yards of landfill trash. Let’s try to send less to the landfill!
  • Green Team Ohlone guides and students organized games, obstacle course, a play, put up signs, monitored lunchtime waste and gave rewards
  • Made a monthly Green Team noon art, with fun recycled crafts including toilet-paper roll owls and octopi, cereal box notebooks, toilet paper roll puppets, recycled valentines, gift tags and bookmarks from greeting cards, magazine flowers and more.
  • Used Ohlone farm’s solar oven to cook and demonstrate electric-free food at various events
  • Created a Green Reading List sorted by age/grade level
  • Held week-long Earth Day events, including reading lists, a sharing table, pledge walls, special noon art plantings, a visit from the Recycle Truck with games, lunch monitoring (with room 14’s Trash Detectives!), publicizing buddy class project events, and the Earth Day fair at the Farmer’s Market, inviting local organizations and Girl Scouts to participate, solar oven s’mores, sewing kits, sorting games, waste-free farmer’s market, and more.
  • Held E-waste recycling events, collecting (in this period) several tons of waste and raising over $1500 for Ohlone
  • Used and introduced reusable tableware for school events, and purchased a total of four Party Packs for use by school staff and families for events, including Pancake Breakfast and trips. We also encouraged the use of reusables around school, or if not, compostable tableware.
  • Provided waste stations with visible signage for larger Ohlone events to facilitate sorting and educate, and smaller signage around school and farmer’s market
  • Improved signage and locations of waste bins, done by Room 27.
  • Offered weekly Green tips in Enews and Facebook for the Ohlone community. Previous tips and questions here.

Past Green team accomplishments and activities:

  • We are proud that Ohlone is a certified green business – one of few in the state of California.

Volunteer for one of our many jobs in order to help build a strong team that will be sustainable year after year. Let’s pass a good message on to our children and let us each of us do our part to keep Ohlone green.

Ohlone is a Green Business

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