Ohlone PTA

Who We Are

The Ohlone PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is an active group of parents, teachers, and administrators working together to help make the Ohlone community as rich and fulfilling as possible, inside and outside the classroom.

We organize, host, fund, and implement many programs that augment the Ohlone classroom experience and help strengthen our school community. The PTA is made up of many interested parents as general PTA members and is led by an Executive Board, which is nominated and voted in by PTA members each school year. 

The PTA supports Ohlone in four major ways:

  • Curriculum Enhancement
  • Community Building
  • Student and Family Support
  • Teacher and School Support

The PTA provides classroom stipends via checks to every teacher at the beginning of the school year and grants to the principal for school-wide enhancements.

The Ohlone PTA is part of the largest parent advocacy group in the country and as such, we support and are supported by local, state, and national PTA organizations. Part of the PTA’s mission is to influence and support education policies and legislative efforts that affect the well being of children.

Ohlone’s Core Values

The PTA is guided by Ohlone’s Core Values in everything we do, especially trust and respect for everyone. We work to avoid and dismantle discrimination in any form. We strive to build an inclusive culture. We make PTA activities as accessible as possible. We avoid scheduling activities during major religious holidays. We host events like Abilities Awareness and Unity Day to build empathy for everyone’s uniqueness. We use gender-neutral language and assumptions. We honor all family structures and circumstances. We are sensitive to dietary needs like food allergies and customs. We provide financial assistance for all PTA events so everyone can participate.

We want everyone to feel a strong sense of belonging at Ohlone. We are happy to have you in our community!

PTA Meetings

The Ohlone PTA holds five general meetings throughout the year for all members; the Executive Board also meets monthly. All meetings are reflected on the Ohlone calendar. We hope that you will be an active member of Ohlone’s PTA where your voice and vote are valued and appreciated. Please also consider becoming a part of the Executive Board, by contacting any existing Board member or member of the Nominating Committee (named each winter).

Teaching hearts and minds together