The Budget, Bylaws, & Minutes

PTA Budget

Paying your $10 PTA membership dues (via the One Check Form in the Back to School packet, which arrives home on the first day of school) entitles you to vote on all PTA issues at General Meetings, including the budget.

Remember that this is your PTA, and your PTA budget. We want you to be informed and to participate in the decision-making.


Our PTA is governed by bylaws, which must be reviewed and approved by the State PTA periodically and voted on by the Ohlone PTA membership. The most recent revision was approved by the California PTA and by the Ohlone PTA membership in 2012.

Ohlone PTA Bylaws 2011

PTA Minutes

Minutes from the General PTA meetings will be posted shortly after each meeting. They are also physically posted on the bulletin board outside the MP Room.


  • Wondering whom to contact with questions about a certain area? Check out our PTA directory.
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  • Want to join the PTA? Include your $10 membership fee(s) on the One Check Form in the Back to School Packet.

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